Innovative construction & infrastructure products made using recycled glass

100% solar powered local manufacturing

Orca Civil is an Australian owned manufacturer of high-value recycled products that are engineered for performance.

Using patented polymer concrete technology we produce drainage solutions and traffic management products that deliver up to three times the compressive strength of conventional concrete products.

Orca reclaims glass from landfill and develops innovative product solutions for commercial and civic spaces. Featuring up to 80% recycled glass content these products are designed for versatility, durability and structural integrity.

Recycled Traffic Management Products

Orca’s vehicle safety separators are an innovative traffic management solution, manufactured in Australia, using up to 80% recycled glass content. These modular components are designed to clearly delineate vehicle and bicycle separation on roadways, for improved road safety.

Manufactured using patented polymer concrete technology and designed for rapid deployment, Orca’s Island range can reconfigure existing roadways quickly and with minimal traffic disruption. Durable, low maintenance and flexible, this range delivers the structural integrity for permanent fixings or relocatable solutions.

Sustainable Products

Orca Civil was established with the core principle of developing innovative products from recycled materials, for commercial and civic applications. Our Australian manufacturing facilities use patented technology to produce value-added components, re-using and recycling glass that’s reclaimed from landfill.

We produce recycled traffic management products for greater road safety, grates for civil and commercial spaces, and covers, pits and channels for electrical and drainage installations.

Each product within our range utilises up to 80% recycled glass content, and are manufactured locally at our 100% solar powered facilities, to reduce our environmental impact.