Orca Civil is an Australian owned and operated business, with our solar powered manufacturing facilities based in Victoria. For over 20 years Orca has focused on delivering high value polymer concrete products for commercial construction, civil and infrastructure projects.

Our core range of drainage solutions includes civil drainage grates, covers, polymer concrete drainage pits and polymer concrete channels. In 2020 we expanded our product portfolio to include an innovative range of modular traffic management products that are designed to increase road safety for motorists, cyclists and public transport, including tramways.

In 2017 Orca developed an Australian innovation with technology that utilises glass destined for landfill as a key recycled component of our polymer concrete. The National Waste Account estimates that over 475 kilotons of glass are currently going into Australian landfill, per annum.

Our recycled polymer concrete products deliver up to three times the compressive strength of conventional Portland cement products. All manufactured locally using up to 80% recycled glass content.

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