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Polymer concrete safety separator range

Orca’s bike lane and vehicle safety separators are an innovative modular traffic management solution. The range is manufactured in Australia, using patented polymer concrete technology to deliver a product with up to 80% recycled glass content, that’s engineered for performance.

Orca’s Island range delivers up to three times the compressive strength of concrete, providing the structural integrity for permanent fixings, plus the flexibility of modular components that can be relocated as roadway requirements change. This durable, low maintenance product range is designed for rapid deployment, to reconfigure roadways quickly and with minimal traffic disruption.

Products in this range

Australia’s First Installation of Orca Islands

Melbourne City Council Bike Lanes

Featuring Island 300

Melbourne City Council is committed to delivering new protected bike lanes as part of the city’s vision for a sustainable and resilient city. The council chose Orca Island 300 products for this installation along Bourke Street.

The recycled content of Orca’s products, combined with the performance attributes of the range, convinced the council that the Island 300 was the right product for the job. Island 300 delivers the structural integrity for permanent fixings with the flexibility of a modular solution that can be relocated and re-used as roadway requirements change.

South Perth Council project

On the South Perth project we were able to engage with the council and their chosen contractor to design and deliver replacement, compliant grating. The South Perth viewing platform is a tricky angular shape which meant that we took extra care at our design stage. ORCA successfully site measured, designed and manufactured the replacement grating to slip neatly into the existing rebate once the non compliant grating was removed.