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ORCA Drain SV100 range

100 SS edge rail drain system

For architectural applications and corrosive environments Orca Drain SV100 is the answer.

Orca Drain SV100 has a 100mm clear opening and is packaged with stunning, slip resistant stainless steel grates. Orca SV100 series is manufactured from corrosion resistant polymer concrete with cast in stainless steel edge rails. Orca polymer concrete is non flammable, frost proof and resistant to weathering and diluted acids and alkali’s.

Orca Drain SV100 stainless steel grate range leads the industry in design and quality. SV100 channel grates are engineered to meet the following standards:

AS3996:2006 Access covers and grates

AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces

AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility

SeriesProduct CodedescriptionC/O width (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall Length (mm)Overall depth (mm)weight (kg)class load Cross sectional
open area (mm²)
SV100600400SS edge channel 100Wx120D100130100012013D6861
SV110600425Stainless steel edge channel 100Wx170D 100130100017017D11091
SV120600447Stainless steel edge channel 100Wx220D 100130100022019D16086
SV130600467Stainless steel edge channel 100Wx270D 100130100027021D20955
SV140600489Stainless steel edge channel 100Wx320D 100130100032024D25955

ORCA 100 SS grate range options

Product CodedescriptionC/O width (mm)Overall width (mm)Overall Length (mm)class load Slot sizeweight (kg)Anti-slip rating
G113SS304 heelguard w/w grate1001241000A56P4/R11
G118SS304 heelguard w/w grate1001241000B57P4/R11
G120SS304 griptech heelguard anti-slip grate1001241000B68P5/R12
G122SS316 griptech heelguard anti-slip grate1001241000B68P5/R12
G123SS316 heelguard grate sq bar1001241000B68N/A
G150SS304 topslot1001241000B65N/A

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