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Grates and Frames

Orca’s range of stainless steel, galvanized steel or ductile iron grates and frames are designed to be paired with our polymer concrete channels. Available in a range of sizes, Class Loads and profile designs, including smooth, dotted or Griptech™.

Products in this range

Orca stainless steel sump grates, stainless steel grated trenches or stainless steel troughs are only the start.

Custom products are always an option and Orca has designed and produced many special purpose systems.

In fact the Orca product range has been specified for many high profile projects across Australia and New Zealand.

The products are utilised not only for drainage applications but for any situation where tight specification, long term good looks and function is required.


Custom Orca Stainless products are available in stainless grade 304 suitable for the majority of applications. For special situations, including marine or special environments, SS316 is available to order. Electro polishing is available on request. This process improves the look of all stainless products while increasing resistance to staining.

ORCA Stainless Products
Sump grates and frames, trench grates and sump drainage grates are often specified as Orca Stainless. Our stainless products are used in public areas, for internal and external drainage. Custom drainage troughs are also a common Orca product and can be produced in a variety of configurations to suit client’s specific needs.


  • Food preparation and storage areas
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Marine environments
  • Shopping centres
  • Public pedestrian areas
  • Private drainage applications
  • Wet areas associated with industrial processes

We’d love to hear from you about your next project

If you are looking for the right Australian based drainage products for your next project, then look no further than ORCA drain. If you need more information regarding the products, feel free to call us on 1300 80 80 20 where our friendly operators will be more than glad to help you with any queries.