We’re very excited to announce our win at this year’s Waste Innovation & Recycling Awards. Orca took out the Innovation category for our unique, local manufacturing process that utilises recycled glass in our polymer concrete production. The win recognises our vehicle safety separators range, a modular traffic management solution that improves road safety for motorists, cyclists and public transport, including tramways.

The Waste Innovation and Recycling Awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge the work being done across all levels of the waste recovery sector and celebrate outstanding achievement in this sector. Orca is recognised for our unique manufacturing process that allows all types of waste glass to be utilised. The product range includes bike lane separators and modular components to delineate bus lanes, tramways and taxi lanes. Each product uses an extremely high percentage of recycled glass, with up to 80% of the dry components of Orca’s polymer concrete consisting of recycled glass.

Celebrations took place at Melbourne Arts Centre, with the WIRA awards recognising the great work being done across all levels of the waste recovery sector and celebrating outstanding achievement in this sector. Our thanks to ResourceCo for sponsoring the Innovation category. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate in our vehicle safety separators range with our latest project showcasing our patented polymer concrete in a bluestone finish.

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