Orca’s ductile iron range of solid covers is ideal for heavy duty applications. Designed to perform in the most punishing conditions, these covers are
manufactured to AS3996:2006 and carry a load rating up to Class D.

Designed to cover service or inspection pits, access covers span voids to remove trip hazards and prevent falls. Each cover features lifting holes and locking systems for easy access to the service pit.

The solid ductile iron cover features an anti-slip surface design and a unique removable hinge system and safety bolt to ensure a secure installation.

Available in square or rectangular solid access covers, the ductile iron range is resistant to weathering, acids and alkalis, is frost proof and non-flammable

  • AS3996:2019

    Access Covers and Grates

  • AS4586:2013

    Slip Resistance Classification for New Pedestrian Surfaces

  • AS1428.1

    Design for Access and Mobility

Item NO.DescriptionClass LoadLength (Frame)Width (Frame)Depth (Frame)Length (Cover)Width (Cover)Depth (Cover)Length (Clear Opening)Width (Clear Opening)
EA45BSSolid Top Cover 450 x 450B6055655550049535450450
EA45DSSolid Top Cover 450 x 450D6206209053052570450450
EA66BSSolid Top Cover 600 x 600B7507005564664640600600
EA66DSSolid Top Cover 600 x 600D7707709068067070600600
EA96BSSolid Top Cover 600 x 900B10457005595064535900600
EA96DSSolid Top Cover 600 x 600D10857709099567070900600
EA99BSSolid Top Cover 900 x 900B105010005594594540900900
EA99DSSolid Top Cover 900 x 900D107010709098097070900900
EA912BSSolid Top Cover 900 x 1200B13601050552 x 645945359001245
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