Orca’s range of galvanized steel infill covers are designed for predictable performance, even in corrosive environments. Ideal for covering pits, shafts or access openings including stormwater drains, sewers and manholes.

Our infill covers increase the usable floor space in commercial, industrial or civic spaces to improve pedestrian access. Each cover features lifting holes and locking systems for easy access to the
service pit. Designed to be infilled with concrete, tiles or brick pavers, these covers are available in a range of sizes with an AS3996:2019 load rating up to Class D.

The infill range features a unique removable hinge system and safety bolt for added security. Simply infill with your choice of material for a seamless finish.

Specifying Orca Covers:

  1. Select infill cover clear opening size.
  2. Select Class Load required.
  3. Select Cover Width.
  4. Select Cover Length
  • AS3996:2019

    Access Covers and Grates

Item NO.DescriptionSuits Drain RangeClass LoadWidthLength
FF33YAGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP33B300300
FF33YDGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP33D300300
FF45YAGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP45B450450
FF45YDGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP45D450450
FF66YAGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP66B600600
FF66YDGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP66D600600
FF99YAGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP99B900900
FF99YDGalvanised Flexifill Cover and FrameP99D900900
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