The Griptech™ Advantage

Orca developed the patented Griptech™ grating product for improved pedestrian, vehicle and mobility aid safety. The Griptech™ profile design ensures that high heels can safely travel over the grate without tripping, wheelchairs and bicycle wheels won’t fall into the voids and vehicles can travel over the grates with ease, in any weather condition.

The Griptech™ design features a 5mm bar for heel and wheel safety, combined with anti-slip nodules for a slip resistant surface. Griptech’s patented anti-slip design can be customised to suit a project’s design aesthetic and delivers a P5 slip resistance rating.

The range features a bolt down security system plus the ability to remove for easy maintenance access.

Orca’s Griptech™ products are available in stainless steel and galvanized steel options to meet the design loads and safety requirements of any project.

The Griptech™ Finish
  • Load rated to exceed AS3996:2016

    Access Covers & Grates Requirements

  • Slip resistance rating of P5 under AS4586:2013

    Slip Resistance Classification for New Pedestrian Surfaces

  • Exceeds access and disability requirements under AS1428.1:2009

    Design for Access and Mobility

Pair Orca’s polymer concrete channels with our range of stainless steel, galvanized steel or ductile iron grates and frames. Available in a range of sizes and profile designs, including smooth, dotted or GriptechTM.

The range is designed to meet the performance and design criteria of any project. Use EN1433 to select channels and AS 3996 to specify grates and covers based on traffic type, load and frequency.

Site requirements may determine channel depth if shallow drains are required, and the grating material specified, if corrosive liquids are present or chemical spills may occur. The selection of size and shape of grate intake slots may be influenced by user needs, such as mobility aid accessibility, plus the need for additional safety features such as locking and lifting systems for securing the installation and providing ease of access for maintenance staff.

The design aesthetic of a project may influence the selection of grates and frames based on the visual requirements for architectural elements or landscaped areas. Select from a range of grating profiles and finishes or discuss custom options in the size and shape of intake slots, specific profile designs or alternative colours and finishes.

*Ensure that correct class load of grate is used for the desired application.

Specifying Orca Grates

  1. Select Class Load required.
  2. Select clear opening size.
  3. Select overall frame size.
  4. Select frame depth option.

Griptech™ Sump Grates

Orca Sump Grates are also available with the Griptech advantage. Delivering heel and wheel safety plus an anti-slip design for water drainage points.

Item No.Class LoadClear Opening (mm)Overall Frame (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
EHG4545BB80450 x 450560 x 56055
EHG6060BB80600 x 600710 x 71055
B80600 x 900710 x 101055
EHG9090BB80900 x 9001000 x 100070
EHG4545DD240450 x 450560 x 56070
EHG6060DD240600 x 600710 x 71070
D240900 x 600710 x 101070
D240900 x 9001000 x 100080

Trench Grates

Orca trench grates and frames are a robust solution for trench runs in heavy loading areas, allowing the collection of stormwater runoff with minimal falls in the surrounding slab.

In situations where particularly wide or shallow channels or custom channel solutions require a cast in-situ channel approach, trench grates are the answer. The high open ratio of these grates ensures the free flow of stormwater through the channel, with concrete anchor tabs cast into the surrounding concrete apron for additional bolting and fixing security.

Manufactured to AS3996:2019 with a class load up to Class D and galvanized to AS/NZS4680:2006.

Trench grates are ideal for: Factory and commercial forecourts, parking areas, driveway crossovers and retaining walls.

Item No.Class LoadClear Opening (mm)Overall Frame (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
ETG20DD240200290 x 200045
ETG30DD240300410 x 200055
ETG45CC150450590 x 200070
D240450590 x 200080
C150600740 x 200070
ETG60DD240600740 x 200080

Sump Grates

Orca sump grates are designed for the ultimate performance under load. This robust grate and frame solution allows for the collection of stormwater runoff with minimal falls in the surrounding slab.

Manufactured to AS3996:2019 with a load class up to Class D and galvanized to AS/NZS4680:2006. Featuring a unique removal hinge system and safety bolt for added security, sump grates are ideal for installations requiring water drainage to single or multiple points throughout the project.

Item No.Class LoadClear Opening (mm)Overall Frame (mm)Frame Depth (mm)
ESG4545BB80450 x 467290 x 200045
ESG6060BB80600 x 617410 x 200055
B80600 x 917
590 x 200070
ESG9090BB80900 x 917590 x 200080
ESG4545DD240460 x 455740 x 200070
ESG6060DD240608 x 605740 x 200080
D240905 x 6051005 x 70580
ESG9090D (2 Part)
D240905 x 9171005 x 101780

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