For heavy duty performance plus design aesthetic request our industry leading galvanized steel, ductile iron drainage system.

Orca’s ductile iron range is designed to perform in the most punishing conditions. Ideal for heavy duty applications with ductile iron edged polymer concrete channels and ductile iron grates that support up to Class G loads.

Available in two grate profiles, in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm CV channels or in the shallow CH profile for locations with depth restrictions. The ductile iron grates range delivers a P5 slip rating and is resistant to weathering, acids and alkalis, is frost proof and non-flammable.

This tough channel system features Orca’s heelguard attribute, ensuring pedestrians and mobility aids can travel comfortably over the grating surface. Ideal for heavy duty industrial areas, highways, petrol stations, airports, ports, truck stops and any installation that requires high performing drainage systems.

Manufactured to Australian quality standards our ductile iron grates work with Orca’s drainage and electrical channels and pits range

  • AS3996:2019

    Access Covers and Grates

  • AS4586:2013

    Slip Resistance Classification for New Pedestrian Surfaces

  • AS1428.1

    Design for Access and Mobility

Grates: Ductile Iron

Item No.DescriptionSuits Drain RangeClass LoadWidthLength
G125Black Ductile Heelguard Grate100 Clear OpeningE100500
G225Black Ductile Heelguard Grate200 Clear OpeningE100500
G325Black Ductile Heelguard Grate300 Clear OpeningE100500
G328Black Ductile Heelguard Grate400 Clear OpeningD100500

Polymer Channels

ItemDescriptionInternal LInternal WOverall DepthClass LoadWeight
CV110Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm100mm170mmD24021kg
CV120Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm100mm220mmD24023kg
CH200-130Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm200mm130mmD24027kg
CV200Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm200mm225mmD24033kg
CV210Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm200mm275mmD24042kg
Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm200mm325mmD24050kg
Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm300mm325mmD24060kg
CH200-130Polymer Channel Galvanized Steel1000mm100mm320mmD24035kg

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