Orca’s stainless steel grates meet the performance and aesthetic criteria for streetscapes and commercial projects.

Choose 304 Grade to satisfy visual design standards or 316 Grade to perform in marine locations and corrosive environments.

The stainless steel range offers three profiles that feature integrated stainless steel edge rails and our patented Griptech™ anti-slip system. Orca’s heelguard attribute prevents trip hazards, ensuring high heels, bare feet and mobility aids can travel comfortably over the grating surface.

Load rated to Class D, with a P5 slip rating, these grates are available with 100mm, 200mm and 300mm SV channels or in the shallow SH profile for locations with depth restrictions.

Manufactured to Australian quality standards our stainless steel grates work with Orca’s drainage and electrical channels and pits range.

  • AS3996:2019

    Access Covers and Grates

  • AS4586:2013

    Slip Resistance Classification for New Pedestrian Surfaces

  • AS1428.1

    Design for Access and Mobility

Grates: Stainless Steel

Item No.DescriptionSuits Drain RangeClass LoadWidthLength
G120SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate100 Clear OpeningB1001000
G122SS316 Griptech Heelguard Grate100 Clear OpeningB1001000
G123SS316 Smooth Grate100 Clear OpeningB1001000
G130SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate100 Clear OpeningD1001000
G220SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate200 Clear OpeningB2001000
G222SS316 Griptech Electropolished Grate200 Clear OpeningB2001000
G230SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate200 Clear OpeningD2001000
G320SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate300 Clear OpeningB3001000
G322SS316 Griptech Heelguard Grate300 Clear OpeningB3001000
G330SS304 Griptech Heelguard Grate300 Clear OpeningD300

Polymer Channels

ItemDescriptionInternal LInternal WOverall DepthClass LoadWeight
SH100-60Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm60mmD2406.5 kg
SH100-80Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm80mmD2409kg
SH100-100Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm100mmD24012.5kg
SV100Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm120mmD24013kg
SV110Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm170mmD24017kg
SV120Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm220mmD24019kg
SV130Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm270mmD24021kg
SV140Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm320mmD24024kg
SH200-130Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm100mm130mmD24027kg
SV200Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm200mm225mmD24033kg
SV210Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm200mm275mmD24042kg
SV220Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm200mm325mmD24052kg
SV300Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm300mm325mmD24047kg
SV300-130Polymer Channel Stainless Steel1000mm300mm320mmD24034kg
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