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Polymer Concrete Bike Lane Separators

Polymer concrete vehicle safety separator range

Orca’s bike lane and vehicle safety separators are an innovative modular traffic management solution. The range is manufactured in Australia, using patented polymer concrete technology to deliver a product with up to 80% recycled glass content, that’s engineered for performance.

Orca’s Island range delivers up to three times the compressive strength of concrete, providing the structural integrity for permanent fixings, plus the flexibility of modular components that can be relocated as roadway requirements change. This durable, low maintenance product range is designed for rapid deployment, to reconfigure roadways quickly and with minimal traffic disruption.

Polymer Concrete Bike Lane Separators

St. Kilda Road Installation

Customised Solutions

This installation features 14 km’s of Orca’s modular traffic management components along St.Kilda road in Melbourne. Orca’s products are customised in a new bluestone finish that is designed to work with the existing heritage, bluestone streetscape. The bike lane separators and infill islands were custom made at our Melbourne plant and are indistinguishable from quarried bluestone.

The installation was rolled out quickly using our modular system that is designed for rapid deployment, with the added benefit of reducing labour costs and minimising traffic disruption.

Greater Connectivity in our Cities

Melbourne’s CBD features over 14 kilometres of Orca Island 300 Ends and Straight Sections. The rollout is designed to create dedicated bicycle corridors throughout the city, to buffer cyclists from motorists and prevent car dooring incidents. Separated infrastructure is so important for cyclist safety, with the added benefit of providing cyclists with greater connectivity and inclusion, to encourage more bike use in our city centres.

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